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Top Ten Liquors expands in Woodbury

Top Ten Liquors Wine Specialist Mark O'Boyle said the store's recent expansion allowed for lower shelves that are easier to reach and a broadened wine, beer and liquor selection. Maureen McMullen / RiverTown Multimedia

Management at Top Ten Liquors in Woodbury say a newly remodeled and expanded store will offer a more customer-friendly layout and wider variety of products.

The expansion will added nearly 2,000 square feet to the store, along with new flooring, shelving and a new entrance. The extra square footage will replace the former Subway restaurant, which opted to relocate last month after its lease expired.

Ton Tep Wine specialist Mark O'Boyle, said the store owner, who also owns the building, saw an opportunity to improve customers' experience.

"It's going to be more customer friendly the way the products are laid out," O'Boyle said. "The whole new appearance of the store has vastly improved."

A new, easier-to-reach wine shelf spans over 86 feet and features a more than 30 percent increase to selection.

The roomier storefront, O'Boyle said, will also offer more opportunities for events, including a wine-tasting open house Oct. 20 and a craft beer event Nov. 3.

The store's annual two-day Grand Wine Tasting, starting Nov. 9, will feature more sampling tables.

The last phase in the project, moving the main entrance, is expected to wrap up by mid-October. The newly-remodeled store, however, opened its doors to customers again Oct. 5.

"Woodbury has a great community and Top Ten Liquors has proudly been a part of it for a long time," says Top Ten Liquors owner Jon Halper. "We think investing in our expansion and remodel allows us to better serve our loyal customer base in this town."

Top Ten Liquors is located at 9887 Norma Lane.