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Patina to open in Woodbury

Patina owner Christine Ward is opening her second suburban location at Woodbury’s City Centre. (Staff photo by Riham Feshir)

A store known for its eclectic mix of gifts, home décor, jewelry and clothing is making its way from the big city into the suburb of Woodbury.

Patina, which started in Minneapolis in 1991, is expanding and opening its seventh location at a 6,000-square foot space at City Centre.

Opening at the end of October, the Woodbury Patina will be the company’s biggest, giving owner Christine Ward the chance to expand on some of her products and provide Woodbury customers variety.

“We consider ourselves a lifestyle store, really trying to carry products for everyone; women, men to kids to middle age to older,” she said. “And really try to customize our products to the demographics and the neighborhoods that we’re in.”

Christine and Rick Ward opened Patina in Minneapolis 23 years ago when they saw a need for an independent, neighborhood-type gift shop.

They gradually grew out of the small shop and expanded to larger locations in south Minneapolis, ventured into St. Paul 10 years later and most recently opened in the western suburb of Golden Valley last year.

With a wide open space at the new Woodbury location, Ward is hoping to bring in that industrial charm that she’s used to at her older buildings.

The stores, though varying in size, boast exposed beams, brick and reclaimed wood.

“We’re trying to infuse a little soul into a newer space as well,” she said.

Ward said she picked the spot in the middle of town, next door to Caribou Coffee, Punch Pizza and Bruegger’s Bagels, for its neighborhood feel and convenient access and parking.

Patina is set up into separate vignettes, or statements displaying products in similar colors and styles, ranging from children’s toys and clothing, to stationary and picture frames, handbags and jewelry, to home décor and light fixtures.

Ward said the store is always changing in the way it looks and feels, featuring seasonal items and locally produced products as often as possible.

Patina works with national and international suppliers, bringing in products from different trade shows in addition to working with local suppliers and designers from Minnesota.

“We do quite a bit of hunting around to find unique products and that’s done domestically as well as internationally,” Ward said. “We have a number of local jewelers. It’s a mixture of well-established companies that sell nationally and internationally as well as local designers, hand-crafted jewelry.”

Patina takes pride in bringing in pieces that last, Ward said. Even trendier pieces are cycles and reinterpretations of traditional items.

The Woodbury Patina is set to have a grand opening in November to showcase products that Ward hopes customers will enjoy over time, as well as more modern pieces.

Riham Feshir
Riham Feshir is a reporter and photographer for the Woodbury Bulletin. Her coverage includes Woodbury City Hall, Washington County Board of Commissioners and business news.  Follow Riham on Twitter @RihamFeshir for the latest updates.